Prohibited Ads

Please understand that in our concern to keep this place safe and pleasant for all, certain types of ads are prohibited on this site. We will only publish ads for services or products that are offered in a country listed on the site.

No paid agents please.

Anything that is illegal; harmful offensive ads will be removed including but not limited to drugs, spells, weapons, certain pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, anything that can be harmful and also all types of scams are not allowed.

For security purposes, we do not accept loans and debt consolidation ads.

Multiple posts of the same ad as well as ads posted multiple times in several unrelated categories or with unrelated tags are considered spam and will  be removed.

Do post real images, not links to images.

Videos will be removed.

We do not publish ads which titles do not match their description and pictures.

Each ad should include only 1 product, service or job. Write different ads for different products, services or jobs.

Ads without a description,
– with an incomprehensible description,
– with an unrelated description to the product offered
– without content,
– “Different ads” with basically the same content,
– ALL CAPS ads,
– ads with deceptive locations for companies,
– or a keywords stuffed description or tags,
will also be removed.

Ads with the sole intent of building links to another site will not be published.

If you have a webstore or a service you offer online, please create an ad for your company by entering the details of your business in the fields provided for the purpose when creating your ad. You must be able to offer your service or product in the chosen country.

Wait for an ad to expire before posting for the same product or service.

This website is for all audiences, we ask you to refrain from posting shocking or offending images.

All ads are reviewed for compliance to these terms and may be edited for SEO purposes.

We do not publish ads that do not respect our terms.

Please read here the complete guidelines on how to post classified ads on this site.

These guidelines are part of our terms and conditions you agreed to by creating your account. We reserve ourselves the right to NOT publish ads that do not respect our terms.

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